Duchess Meeting held on 21st November 2019 from 10.30 AM onwards

Duchess Meeting held on 21st November  2019 from 10.30 AM onwards.  150 Duchess  members participated along with invitees and  MS Nina Reddy Joint Managing Director  of    Savera Hotel and President    of  Duchess Club presided  the meeting to welcome the  dynamic  Meenakshi Aravind and her enthusiastic team of eight members who will talk to us about their one of a kind expedition starting from Coimbatore to St. Peters burg, covering over 21,000 KMS over 52 days, traversing the unknown and the wild roads of Siberia. A journey with a purpose to talk about cervical cancer and create awareness and to be ambassadors of India, driving to Indian made Tata  Cars.  The  journey   was   successfully completed and the team is reeling under the experiences that the universe extends on such amazing journeys. In 2017 Meenakshi Aravind and her team completed their road journey from Coimbatore to London covering 8 time zones, 24 countries, and 24,000 kms showcasing a high achiever Indian woman in the field of literary, business, welfare, politics, NGO, media, healthcare, sports and endless lists offers.                                                                                                             


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