Rela Hospital and Rotary Club of Madras Mount Jointly Organise Walkathon to create awareness on Varicose Veins for Traffic Policemen

Walking, exercising and healthy eating can keep the disease at bay, say experts ~

Chennai, March 25, 2023: Hundreds of people, including police personnel, took part in a walkathon organised by Rela Hospital and Rotary Club of Madras Mount to create awareness about Varicose Veins among traffic policemen on Saturday. Mr. S. Sakthivel, Deputy Commissioner of Police, flagged off the event at Besant Nagar Beach

The event titled – Let’s Win Over Varicose Veins – Walk for Well Being Walkathon (WOWW) – started at Besant Nagar Beach at 5.30 a am and the participants holding placards walked the distance with cheer.

Varicose veins are a condition caused by poor functioning valves in the veins. This causes blood to gather in the legs rather than flowing back to the heart. Common symptoms include throbbing pain, swelling of legs or ankles, itching around affected areas and visible bulging or twisted veins on the surface of skin.

Maintaining a healthy weight, walking, exercising regularly and wearing stockings, when necessary, can prevent the onset of the disease. Treatment options range from lifestyle changes to surgical procedures depending on severity.

Dr. Ilankumaran, CEO, Rela Hospitals, said “ As a CEO and a clinician, I know first-hand the importance of taking care of your health. Walking is a great way to improve circulation and keep our veins healthy. Let’s make this walkathon a fun and inspiring event that motivates many to take care of their health and prevent varicose veins. I’m proud to support this walkathon and the cause of raising awareness about varicose veins and also sending a message that we need to prioritize our well-being and the well-being of our community”