Animal Welfare Associations praise Actress Komal Sharma!*

*Animal Welfare Associations praise Actress Komal Sharma!*

*“I am glad to have played a role that speaks about the well-being of animals” – Shot Boot Three Actress Komal Sharma*

*“I have now become the Kids’ favorite Barbie Doll” – ‘Shot Boot Three’ Actress Komal Sharma’s delightful words*

Director Arun Vaidyanathan’s recent release ‘Shot Boot Three’ has garnered a good response from audiences of all age groups. This film which revolves around the beautiful bonding between kids and pet animals, features actress Komal Sharma in a pivotal character.

Female actor Komal Sharma debuted in Tamil cinema through S.A. Chandrashekar’s ‘Sattapadi Kuttram’ and later played an important character in Shaji Kailash’s ‘Vaigai Express’ starring RK as the lead character. She is now gaining the heartiest praises from audiences for her spellbinding performance in the recent release ‘Shot Boot Three’. Specifically, she has been appreciated by various animal welfare associations for her heart-warming performance.

Actress Komal Sharma shares her experience of working on this project.

“This film speaks about the beautiful emphasis on kids and pets. I am so glad to be a part of this film. Basically, I am a lover of pet animals and am glad to be a part of this film that speaks about their well-being. It’s an honor to be a part of the movie, which has the Magical musical touch of Rajesh Vaidya. He has translated every scene into the poem with his musical essence. I am a huge fan of Venkat Prabhu. I got an opportunity to work with him in Maanaadu, but unfortunately couldn’t make it due to date issues. And now, I am glad to get an opportunity to share the screen space with him. I felt blessed to witness the wonderful actor in him.’

“I have played a Punjabi-Tamil-speaking girl. Arun Vaidyanathan sir had given unique body language and mannerisms to all the characters in this film. It was an interesting experience to shoot with Live Recording. Since I am a theatre artist, I felt comfortable doing it.”

“These days, Kids have clarity and sincerity in acting. Many kids after watching this film, have started appreciating me as Barbie Girl. It was the same when I was acting in Mohanlal sir’s Barroz, where many kids started stating the same words as Live Barbie Doll.”

She continues to add, “Many animal welfare board members personally called me and appreciated my role and performance in this movie. Furthermore, I have assured of supporting them on the same grounds in the near future. So far, I have done all these activities silently, and now I am glad about such supportive words. Henceforth, I take this as an encouragement, and will continue to strive to do better things for the welfare of animals.”

Actress Komal Sharma tots up saying, “My next film will be Public which is gearing up of release soon. My Malayalam movie ‘Barroz’ starring Mohanlal sir is getting ready for worldwide theatrical release on December 21, 2023. Apart from these movies, I am acting in a couple of Hindi and a Telugu project, which will have the official announcements made by the respective production houses shortly.”