Netafim India Launches Toofan, Economical and Clog Resistance Drip Technology for Farmers

Netafim India Launches Toofan, Economical and Clog Resistance Drip Technology for Farmers

Aims to cover 25,000 ha of land and reach 35,000 farmers across India by 2025.
Engineered with revolutionary TurbuNext™ Technology for multi-season and multi-crops applications.

Mumbai, 27 October 2023: Netafim India, a leading smart-irrigation solution provider, has launched its groundbreaking product, Toofan, an innovative irrigation technology that promises to transform farming for growers of all scales. Through this product, the company aims to cover 25,000 ha of land and reach 35,000 farmers by 2025 across India to revolutionize sustainable farming. The innovative system with best-in-category anti-clogging technology ensures optimal delivery of water and nutrients. The drip line is 40% more strong with greater tensile strength. Toofan by Netafim India is 20% more affordable than the existing and available thin wall, non-pressure-compensated (NPC) drip lines in the Indian market.

Toofan by Netafim India not only makes modern, efficient irrigation accessible to all but also offers a simplified buying process that transcends subsidy limitations. The cost-effective drip technology is now available to farmers of all scales, from large to small holdings, regardless of subsidy eligibility. The drip line is engineered for swift deployment, allowing farmers to cover up to 10 acres in a single day. This revolutionary feature saves both time and resources.

The digital launch concluded on the social media platforms of Netafim India and witnessed the interest of 10 Lakh farmers and dealers. Mr. Randhir Chauhan, Managing Director, Netafim India and Senior Vice President, Netafim Ltd., unveiled the product during the virtual launch. Toofan by Netafim India is an economical choice engineered with revolutionary TurbuNext™ technology and offers unparalleled durability, thus helping farmers achieve better crop yields. The technology is available for any row crops on flat topographies.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Randhir Chauhan, Managing Director Netafim India and Senior Vice President Netafim Ltd., said, “Netafim India aims to provide an affordable, high-performance micro irrigation system that not only ensures consistent and uniform yields but also aids in reducing the operational costs of farmers. As a farmer’s anthropologist, we understand the dynamics of Indian agriculture and continuously work to bring solutions that meet the evolving needs of our growers. We are proud to be a part of India’s agricultural growth story and committed to bring innovations that transform the lives of farmers. We are delighted to set new standards in clog resistance and enhance Agri performance with Toofan driplines. Netafim’s Toofan is set to reshape the agriculture landscape, empowering farmers to embrace modern irrigation practices without subsidy constraints and offering an unprecedented installation speed. Our revolutionary patented technology is a testament to our commitment to support one of the largest sectors contributing to Indian GDP”.

Regardless of the water quality, Toofan by Netafim India provides lower flow rates with a large filtration area and ensures a consistent water flow to the crops. The TurbuNext™ dripper labyrinth moves the debris out of the dripper, thus preventing clogging. It maintains a unique geometric tooth-shaped structure that increases turbulence. The lower flow rates allow longer lateral lengths and fewer sub-main pipes and connectors. Thus, ultimately saving on system and labor costs per hectare by 20% and 25%, respectively.

This multi-seasonal system is useful for surface or subsurface (SDI) applications. It promises to usher in a new era of agricultural efficiency and empower Indian farmers for sustainable and quality cultivation. This revolutionary product is available in a convenient 600-meter bundle with a 16 mm diameter and dripper flow rates ranging from 1.0 L/H to 2.2 L/H. With Toofan, farmers will experience a remarkable 40% increase in strength, heightened tensile strength, crack resistance, high elongation properties, and enhanced UV resistance, which extends the product’s lifespan.

About Netafim India
Netafim India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Netafim, the global leader in smart irrigation solutions for sustainable productivity. Established in 1997, Netafim India offers a wide range of micro-irrigation, greenhouse, digital farming solutions and Community irrigation projects. Netafim India with 3 manufacturing plants, over 2500 employees and an exclusive network of over 2500 dealers across all the major states have provided an irrigation system for over 1.1 million hectares of land over the years covering a wide range of crops. The company has successfully offered extensive agronomic, design, after-sales support, and Agri-extension services to ensure sustainable prosperity to over 1 million farming families to date. Netafim India is an active partner in several government projects like GGRC, APMIP and TANHODA.
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