Indian Concrete Institute – Chennai Centre Collaborates with Viki Industries Pvt. Ltd. to Promote Galvanized Reinforcement Steel*

*Indian Concrete Institute – Chennai Centre Collaborates with Viki Industries Pvt. Ltd. to Promote Galvanized Reinforcement Steel*

*Chennai, 27 May 2024* – The Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) Chennai Centre, in partnership with Viki Industries Pvt. Ltd., manufacturers of the iSTEEL brand, organized a technical discussion to promote the use of Galvanized Reinforcement Steel.

Corrosion caused by saline water, contaminated water quality, and air pollution poses significant challenges to the longevity and strength of concrete structures, with steel being the most affected material. Leading researchers and industry experts have identified the use of galvanized rebars as a viable solution to combat this issue. Despite its benefits, awareness about the use of galvanized rebars remains limited. This prompted ICI Chennai Centre, in association with Viki Industries Pvt. Ltd., to organize a technical discussion aimed at disseminating information on Galvanized Reinforcement Steel.

The event featured technical presentations followed by a panel discussion, where experts shared insights on corrosion challenges in existing concrete structures and how the use of galvanized rebars can enhance their strength and lifespan. Topics covered included the galvanization process, the importance of using special binding wire for galvanized steel, and the durability of galvanization coatings during the cutting and bending of reinforcement for specialized structures. The panel highlighted that galvanized rebars can extend the life of concrete structures by at least 2-3 times compared to black rebars.

Prof. A R Shanthakumar, former emeritus professor at IIT Madras and former Dean and Chairman of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Anna University, detailed the additional benefits of galvanization coating of rebars, emphasizing its cost-effectiveness and sustainability compared to using expensive steel bars. Dr. Venugopal, an eminent metallurgist and the panel moderator, discussed the metallurgical aspects of rebars and their role in increasing the lifespan of concrete structures.

Mr. L. Pugazhenthy, Executive Director of the India Lead Zinc Association, highlighted the galvanization process and its application in iconic structures worldwide, including the Lotus Temple in New Delhi, the Vrindhavan Chandrodhaya Mandir in Mathura, and the Opera House in Sydney. He emphasized the minimal maintenance required for these long-lasting structures and stressed the need for galvanized rebars in coastal areas where chloride and sulfate attacks are prevalent.

*Mr. Gautam Reddy, CEO of iSTEEL,* shared his insights, stating, “The time has come for Galvanized Rebars to be used for building homes. Our customers build homes for future generations, and the use of galvanized rebars ensures far greater longevity compared to conventional TMT bars. The Lotus Temple was designed and built with galvanized steel to last 200 years. iSTEEL has been at the forefront of innovation in the construction steel market. Our Mobile testing facilities allow everyone to check the tensile strength and chemical properties of steel on-site. Our new offering, iSTEEL Zinc, is an outcome of our purpose to responsibly create exceptional building materials that are ahead of the times, protecting every home we touch.”

Engineer Muralidharan N.G., Chairman of the Indian Concrete Institute, welcomed the attendees to this technical presentation and panel discussion. The event, jointly organized by ICI Chennai Centre and iSTEEL (Viki Industries Pvt. Ltd.), aimed to create awareness about increasing corrosion levels, their impact on concrete structures, and the importance of using galvanized rebars to address these challenges.

The event was well-received by the audience, which included structural engineers, architects, construction companies, government representatives from the State Highways Research Station, PWD, and CMRL, as well as practicing engineers who actively participated and posed questions for a better understanding of the product and its benefits.